Media statements - Collie holds key to unique manufacture of concrete

2022-08-27 00:28:43 By : Ms. Sarah Zhang

Minister for Regional Development; Agriculture and Food; Hydrogen Industry

A new concrete manufacturing process which gives fresh life to Collie fly ash has been developed through a Murdoch University feasibility study funded by the McGowan Government.

Regional Development Minister Alannah MacTiernan today joined representatives from Murdoch University and the Colliecrete research team to receive the report.

The Murdoch University research team - working with local industry including Synergy, Bluewaters Power Station and South32 - investigated the feasibility of using fly ash and other industrial by-products and waste materials as an ingredient in a low carbon concrete product called 'Colliecrete'.

Laboratory and field trials were undertaken to demonstrate that Collie has access to the necessary industrial by-products to use in making 'Colliecrete'. Products could include retaining wall blocks, sea walls, sound barrier walls, culverts, kerbing and storm water pipes.

The feasibility study, which was supported through the Collie Industry Attraction and Development Fund, highlights the potential to establish a geopolymer concrete manufacturing industry and create jobs. The feasibility study has identified options for industry partners to commercialise the technology.

Although State-owned coal power stations at Muja and Collie will retire by 2030, there are already considerable stockpiles to support the manufacturing of 'Colliecrete' products well beyond that date.

Murdoch University will now put together a consortium to commercialise the project and it will be eligible for capital investment.

More information about 'Colliecrete' is available at

Comments attributed to Regional Development Minister Alannah MacTiernan:

"The McGowan Government has been working hard to strengthen and diversify Collie's economy through the development and attraction of new industries including green manufacturing opportunities such as 'Colliecrete' as part of its economic transition.

"This study has shown there is significant potential to recycle coal fly ash in manufacturing a low carbon cement product, giving new purpose to a by-product leftover from 60 years of burning coal in power generation plants. A geopolymer concrete manufacturing industry would be the first of its kind in Western Australia."

Comments attributed to Collie-Preston MLA Jodie Hanns:

"Collie is being seen with fresh eyes, with the Collie Industry Attraction and Development Fund unlocking new investment and job opportunities for the Collie region.

"Fly ash is not new to Collie, but Murdoch University has found an exciting new use for this by-product. I congratulate the team at Murdoch University and its project partners in developing a new, environmentally sustainable concrete option for WA industry."

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