Plastic Road Obstacle Traffic Obstacle Tray Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

Performance and advantages·Suitable for producing different kinds of pallet.·Optional bottom sealing, product eject, core-pulling movement elements.·Adopt high output extrusion system, accumulating die head.·Hydraulic Servo control system.Technical parametersModelUnitBM230BM500Max product volumeL

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Performance and advantages
  1. ·Suitable for producing different kinds of pallet.
  2. ·Optional bottom sealing, product eject, core-pulling movement elements.
  3. ·Adopt high output extrusion system, accumulating die head.
  4. ·Hydraulic Servo control system.

Technical parameters
Max product volumeL230500
Dry cyclePc/h280250
Die head structure Accumulating type
Main screw diametermm120135
Max plasticizing capacity (PE)kg/h350390-460
Driving motorKw132160
Accumulating volumeL3260
Oil pump motor powerKw3045
Clamping forceKN9001300
Space between platenmm700-1900800-2200
Platen size W*Hmm1400*16001600*1800
Max. mold sizemm1200*15001400*1700
Heating power of die headKw4878
Machine dimension L*W*Hm8.9*5.5*69.5*6.4*7
Machine weightT3445
Total powerKw260345
Note: Informations listed above are for reference only, the production
line can be designed by customer's requirements.

Control system

 Plastic Road Barrier Traffic Barriers Pallets Extrusion Blow Moulding Machines
SIEMENS human-machine interface
Human-machine interface control panel screen has such functions as follows: visual display providing the best support to easily set, search, change and store the parameters, the controlling system has self-diagnosis functions, the malfunctions can be displayed on the screen.
Plastic Road Barrier Traffic Barriers Pallets Extrusion Blow Moulding Machines
B&R Austria human-machine interface and parison programmer,
can adjust within 300 points.
Plastic Road Barrier Traffic Barriers Pallets Extrusion Blow Moulding Machines
Parison control system uses MOOG 100 points parison programmer, and it uses specially designed separate hydraulic power package to control the movement of cylinder, so it has high precision.

Extrution & Die head

The extruder uses screw and barrel, which is a famous brandPlastic Road Barrier Traffic Barriers Pallets Extrusion Blow Moulding Machinesall over the world. It has advantages such as high output, smooth plasticization, wearable and long life. The gear box is the kind of product specially used for plastic extrusion.

JWELL supply stable & different kinds of single layer /multi-layer continuous / accumulating type die head. Fit for the customer's special requirement for the different high molecular material and different number of layer.

Blowpin system

Up-blowing unit(Used for JWZ-BM Continuous type Blow Molding Machine)
Bottom-blowing unit(Used for JWZ-BM Accumulating type Blow Molding Machine)

Output system

Take out robot
Scrapping collect together, convey,crusher into one unit

Hydrulic system

Hydraulic controlling system uses servo-controlled technology to control the movements of actuators, and all the elements used in hydraulic system are famous brands, it has advantages as follows: quick response and high energy-efficiency.

Open&Closing system

Common three platen and three tie bar struction
Toggle struction

Lubrication system

 This auto-lubrication system can lubricate the system with a set cycle automatically.

 Electric system
  1. SIEMENS CPU unit
  2. SIEMENS temperature-control unit
  3. SIEMENS digital-output unit
  4. SIEMENS analog-output unit
  6. JWELL invertor revolving speed-control
  7. Schneider electric components


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